À lA maIsON

An intimate look at what French chefs cook at home, in 60 never-seen-before recipes.

Written in collaboration with Victoire Loup, À La Maison is more than just another cookbook. 

It’s an intimate look at what French chefs cook at home.

In the book, Pierre Gagnaire, Anne-Sophie Pic, Bertrand Grébaut, Iñaki Aizpitarte, Apollonia Poilâne, Christophe Michalak, Claire Heitzler, Mauro Colagreco, Alexandre Gauthier and many others reveal the dishes they make for their loved ones.

Inspired by how chefs opened their home kitchens during the recent lockdown, A La Maison is an invitation to share a simple meal, at home.

All profit will go to Ernest, a charity that provides fresh produce to families in need.

To date, À La Maison has sold over 5000 copies in France.

Victoire Loup is a restaurant critic, F&B consultant, and culinary host/producer who spends her life between Los Angeles and Paris.

  • Editors and publishersHuman Humans
  • Concept & WriterVictoire Loup
  • Editorial assistantEmma Guyot-Donahue
  • PhotographVictor Picon
  • Photographer AssistantsBenjamin Roulet & François Bellabas
  • ProducerNoëlla Neffati
  • Art DirectorHortense Lauras
  • IllustratorDavid Troquier
  • LayoutFlorie Parentoux
  • EditingGourau & Phong
  • StylistMégane Arderighi
  • Stylist AssistantMathilde Raoult
  • Food preparation and stylingNuma Muller
  • Chef AssistantsLéo Dévaux & Arnaud Jourdan
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60 French chefs share their favourite hangover stories and the recipe that helped them ease the pain in this anthology cookbook.