60 French chefs share their favourite hangover stories and the recipe that helped them ease the pain in this anthology cookbook.

We all know hangovers call for food. Greasy foods. Spicy foods. Sweet foods. But what do great chefs cook to cure a hangover?

From Alexia Duchêne to Philippe Conticini, from Carina Soto Velasquez to Michel Roth, Michelin-star chefs and hype urban cooks welcome us in the cozyness of the morning after, with life-saving, comforting dishes.

In Cuites we’ve gathered 60 hangover recipes from France’s favourite chefs, and more than that, we’ve collected the secret boozy anecdote that inspired each dish.

To date, Cuites has sold over 7000 copies in France.

Victoire Loup is a restaurant critic, F&B consultant, and culinary host/producer who spends her life between Los Angeles and Paris.

  • Concept & auteurVictoire Loup
  • PhotographeVictor Picon
  • Cover illustrationDavid Troquier
  • LanguageFrench